Trinket Boxes


Trinkets, beads, baubles, bangles, hair clips and even your treasured gold and silver jewellery are a joy to own – except when you’re struggling to find ways to keep them organised! You KNOW you have the perfect trinket for the occasion, but when you find it (if you find it) it's floating around in a tangle of odds and ends.

What you need is a good selection of pretty jewellery and trinket boxes that you can display on your dresser. Devise your own system for organising them, and you can lay your hand on what you want within seconds. And with trinket boxes you can use as décor items in their own right, you won’t be tempted to hide everything away in cupboards or drawers.

Looking for a gift for the woman who has it all? Give her something to put it in! She’ll think of you every time she sees it.

All Kelly Lane products are also available wholesale to farm stores, boutiques, and gift shops – contact us to find out more.