About Us

 Celebrating 20 years

Established in 1995, initially as an opportunity for the company's namesake to design and develop gift products for family and friends, Kelly Lane has grown into a major force in the Australian gift and homeware industry. Throughout this time, the company has been supplying Australian retailers with quality designer decorative items that set trends in what is a competitive market.

Central to the company's success has always been its unique designs which capture the essence of Australia's sub-tropical and beach lifestyles, with its distinctive beach and wood grain themes. The eye-catching designs can be found on a range of products including photo frames, sentiment plaques and wall art. The full array of colours, from neutrals to brights and everything in between, brings our Australian coastal lifestyle indoors with styles that appeal to all ages.

The ongoing success of Kelly Lane products demonstrates the company's ability to showcase local design talent and create products that reflect contemporary tastes for Australian homes. In 2015, Kelly Lane celebrates its 20th anniversary and the future is bright with a number of fresh new designs that will continue to cement its standing as the innovators in Australian homewares.

Kelly Lane Pty Ltd incorporates 3 of the leading brands in the Australian home and giftware market: Kelly Lane, Artie Fartie, and A Tad Trendi. The growth and accomplishments of all the brands incorporated under the Kelly Lane Pty Ltd umbrella can be attributed purely to the hard work and dedication of the team. By combining the attentiveness of customer service, dedication in design, quality in manufacturing and prompt delivery to the retailer, Kelly Lane Pty Ltd has built a solid foundation for continued success, along with continued innovative designs.


Artie Fartie

Artie Fartie was also established in 1995, with the aim of providing the Australian market with unique modern designs in home and giftware products. The emphasis has always been on sleek, stylish designs of the highest quality. This tradition has continued since February 2006 when Artie Fartie was purchased by Kelly Lane Pty Ltd.

Artie Fartie are innovators in the Australian home and giftware industry with contemporary designs in products such as glassware, ceramics, photo frames, and clocks. The drive behind Artie Fartie's designs is to consistently push the boundaries and develop innovative home and giftware items. 


A Tad Trendi

A Tad Trendi has also continued as a success after its acquisition in 2008 by Kelly Lane Pty Ltd. There is a determination to continually develop new ranges to provide customers with fresh and exotic "east meets west" products. 

With each unique piece displaying an extraordinary use of colour and bold designs, A Tad Trendi's products are designed to help you escape the mundane things of life to an exotic African safari or Oriental adventure. Now with A Tad Trendi's established presence in the home and gift market, it points to an exciting future creating distinctive homewares for the Australian and international markets.


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