Your home is so much more than four walls with a roof on top! It’s the place where you create your fondest memories, escape the cares of the world, and truly express yourself. Creating the ideal setting for your family is part of that self-expression, and the homewares you choose will transform ordinary rooms into unique spaces.

Kelly Lane, the all-Australian, family-owned design company offers you a constantly-changing homeware range that transforms everyday things into fun, artsy, yet affordable items you won’t find in mainstream stores. We do supply certain shops with wholesale homewares, but they are business like ours: small, down-to-earth, and absolutely Australian.

Browse a selection of homewares ranging from clocks to note boards, mirrors, candle holders, chandeliers, lamps, lampshades, ornaments, and more. With styles ranging from the vintage to the industrial and to relaxed beach-house decor, you’re bound to find something that is absolutely “you.”