It’s fun, it’s informal, it looks great, and it totally suits your laid-back lifestyle. Kelly Lane designs and distributes wholesale and retail furniture that’s perfect for family homes, beach house décor, and get-togethers with friends.

Chill out on decadently comfy sofas, chairs, and seating that were made for relaxation AND good looks; stash clutter in handy storage ottomans. Grab stackable shelving to store and display the things you love most and don’t forget to relax around the coffee table that reflects your love of nature and everything that’s beautiful.

Like most Australians, you focus on positives – bring the words you love most into your home: Kelly Lane incorporates them into designs you’ll adore: always unusual, full of character and designed with love.

Best of all, the range is always fresh! Check out new designs every season and get them while they’re hot!