Your treasured photographs don’t belong in an album where you’ll only see them once in a blue moon. Instead, you want them out there to remind you of life’s milestones and special moments. And since they’re so very special, why not choose photo frames that go beyond the run-of-the-mill?

Collage photo frames tell stories – a wedding, a child growing up, fun times on the beach with friends and family. Call up those recollections at a glance. Standing photo frames and hanging photo frames for single images are just as special. Remind yourself of the ones you love – even when they aren’t with you.

There’s just one small dilemma – the “filler” you’ll get with your photo frame makes it a décor item in itself. Will you cover it with a photograph, or not? Kelly Lane solves the problem with a range of décor photo frames that combine art with your own pictures. What could be better than that?