You’ve seen it a thousand times: the impulse buy. It’s a small item that your customers want for themselves, or they spot it and decide it’s perfect as a souvenir or a little present for a friend. They barely hesitate. It won’t break the budget, and it’s something they can’t resist. Kelly Lane’s range of pretty and thoughtful counter-toppers will get your customers shopping as they queue.

After all, who can resist a handy little notebook with an artfully designed cover or a country-style decorated mason jar that acts as a handy repository for the small change that’s cluttering up a purse? How about a mini-easel for displaying tiny artworks or even as a statement on its own? Plus, your counter looks more inviting than ever!

These ideas and more form part of the ever-changing Kelly Lane range. Perfect for farm stores, markets, gift shops, and beach shops, our counter-toppers are a favourite with retailers.  Get yours wholesale today. Your customers will walk out with a smile.