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Door Plaque 8x18 3D St Barts LAUNDRY

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DOOR PLAQUE 8X18 3D ST BARTS LAUNDRY is a door decoration hanging that will adorn your laundry door. This door plaque will add elegance to your laundry door and will definitely beautify it. ST BARTS collection is a mixture of innovative and royal designs, this door plaque is embellished by beautiful plants that help the plaque come to life. The leopard and the parrot look almost life-like and very comely. The color combinations used in the design are totally irresistible and impressive. The elegant “laundry” written on the plaque makes it even engaging. The dimensions for this fascinating door plaque are 8X18 that make it ideal for your laundry door.
Printed MDF. Size: 8x18x1cm


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