Parrots are bright and beautiful, but trying to keep one as a pet can be both noisy and destructive. Kelly Lane offers an easy option with the dramatic and colourful items for home functioning and decoration with the Parrots Collection. Without having to clean up a single dropping or fallen feather, block ears during a harsh bird call, or dodge a savage beak, you can enjoy the parrot spirit in your home. Choose from the hanging signs, freestanding blocks and plaques which offer wise sentiments on life, love and family. There is also a large range of wall art,  paintings, clocks and cushions brightened with clean and colourful images of parrots set against  pastel backgrounds and lush foliage. All will provide beauty, freshness and colour in the home, creating a  natural environment and lifting the ambience, while decorated placemats, coasters and cushions add a functional touch.